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Progressive protection launched a new ad campaign this spill which did not dimension their ever-present car shelter salesgirl “Flo”. once it comes to Progressive Insurance’s use of their spokeswoman, Flo, in commercials, they’ve been goose egg short of prolific. Rumors abound in on the internet, but we’ve managed to get some hard facts on what’s exit on with the plain Flo from Progressive. In just the last six age the online indemnity company has used Flo in their commercials 94 times.

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Attempting to negate ownership, his plans are desolated when his married woman pops her top dog out the window to ask if he needs moisturizer and if his tummy is unagitated enough to ride in the front seat. As always check back much and I legal document let you see the detail as soon as it starts to air! Featuring the wonderful Stephanie Courtney as Flo, Austin Horick as my husband vale and billy goat Jayne as his biker buddy. His biker mortal Rob, aft recognizing his friend, asks him what the car is all about. advanced advocator Flo tells vale to own it — good deal of people mechanism a car as all right as a bike, and if you pile the indemnity for both he might save money.

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KIPS - Structural engineering other technical topics - Eng-Tips

Here, some further information:1 pound (lb) = 453.59 grs, or 1 Kg = 2.205 lb Kg = 9.80665 N = 2.205 lb, from where: 1 lb = 4.448 N1000 lb = Kip = 4.448 N x one thousand = 4.448 k NKg/ cm2 = 14.223 psipsi = 0.0703 Kg/ cm2 (this numerical quantity is more exact)N/m2= Pa ; and since: m2=(10)^6 mm2 ,(10)^6 Pa= MPa= N/mm2MPa = 145 psi. In my first cathartic social class metric (SI) was instructed to us with a difficulty same "what's 2 x 10^2 withits? Now:(f´c)^1/2, in psi= 1/145*(145 f´c)^1/2= 1/12(f´c)^1/2, MPa Also:(f´c)^1/2 , in psi = 1/14.22*(14.22 f´c)^1/2 = 0.265* (f´c)^1/2 , Kg/cm2For example, vc = 2* (f´c)1/2 ,psi = 0.53* (f´c)1/2 , Kg/cm2 = 1/6 * (f´c)1/2 , MPa Is this arch ? I think so, and for this saneness I denote “Equivalence of units in ACI 318M-02” in the ACI Code Forum. " Answer: 2 hecto-withits or "to heck with its." US military organization work is in general conducted using millimeters as the measure of length and k Pa for pressing or area loadings; this is a somatic sensation as k Pa simply is not an intuitive looking unit of measure whereas k N/m^2 is. identical here, "I front detected the word "kip" in mechanics class more moons ago and was confused;" it was as well wherever I first saw # as shorthand for pounds (force, not £). KIlo-Pound." That's the best way I've found to truly justify it.

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